Aug 06, 2018

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Netflix not loading problem solved - Roku Community

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Netflix not working on TCL Roku TV : Roku

Netflix not loading problem solved - Roku Community There's obviously some conflict between Netflix app and Roku platform that just ain't getting resolved. I am so over this situation and so over paying $12/month since November 2019 for a service that only works on laptop or my phone screen. And Starz doesn't work at all on Roku, either. Netflix Not Working On Roku - Roku Community I no longer can watch Netflix on Roku in the evenings. Amazon Prime streams fine on Roku, as do other channels. Netflix has problems delivering its streaming service, especially in the evenings when more people access Netflix. It seems there is something about the way the Netflix channel on Roku is programmed that is at the root of the Roku down? Current problems and outages | Downdetector A "zoomed in" issue has been happening on the the Hulu app for Roku for about a month now. There is a long discussion about it on the Roku forum because no one can get hold of anyone at Roku and Hulu doesn't seem to know what to do to fix it.