Using the vpn setup in this way, all of my clients traffic gets routed through the VPN, which is great. If I trace route from the pfsense to some IP I can see that my pfSense traffic is also being routed through the VPN: fantastic. The only problem is that the DNS Resolver does not work.

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Apr 08, 2018

Using the OpenVPN Client Export Package¶. The OpenVPN Client Export add-on package, located at VPN > OpenVPN on the Client Export tab, automatically creates a Windows installer to download, or it can generate configuration files for OSX (Viscosity), Android and iOS clients, SNOM and Yealink handsets, and others.. Choose from any existing remote access server definitions, and then pick from a Pfsense Openvpn Site To Site Not Routing Pfsense Openvpn Site To Site Not Routing, Logiciel Vpn Pour Windows, ikev2 vpn france, Purevpn Ip Logs

Get the latest version of pfSense. Firstly make sure you’re running the very latest version of pfSense. …

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