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Aug 22, 2016

The above is from the link @ Is there a unique Android device ID? More specifically, Settings.Secure.ANDROID_ID. This is a 64-bit quantity that is generated and stored when the device first boots. It is reset when the device is wiped. ANDROID_ID seems a good choice for a unique device identifier. There are downsides: First, it is not 100% How to get device id in android? - Mar 22, 2019

Mar 27, 2018

Simple class to ge a unique ID for each android Thanks man, but that do not identify a device as -> Android.ID can be changed, so if it does, the phone does not get the same unique id anymore. Plus, the generate a random number thing can’t be map to the device itself, so you’re not able to say “ok, this device is associated and will always be associated with this id”. Immutable Device IDs | Android Open Source Project May 04, 2020 React Native Get Android or iOS Device Unique ID Aug 04, 2019 Getting unique device ID — Xamarin Community Forums