Isolated ISP DNS issues preventing connections to Windows

How to Change Your DNS Settings for Better Internet (2018) The DNS servers (domain-name-to-IP-lookups) your gadgets connect to by default are probably set by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), because they’re servers that are stable and trusted by DNS settings is needed. - HP Support Community - 6597117 If you do not have an ISP, or if you are having continuing connection issues, use Google Public DNS. Using Google Public DNS If nothing works, if the information is not relevant, if your setup is so different that the advice is useless, my apologies.

Apr 15, 2020

Outlook Is Down, Users Are Experiencing Sign-in Failures Jul 30, 2019 Topic: OpenDNS vs ISP DNS Question @ AskWoody

Nighthawk AC1900 DNS issues - NETGEAR Communities

DNS issues over VPN. Luckily on the test box I was able to replicate this issue. It will use the ISP's DNs to resolve while connected on VPN, even with the fix posted earlier. I've also Windows 10 - DNS Issue - Microsoft Community Sep 18, 2017 Google DNS is having issues : sysadmin Google DNS is having issues. Now is a good time to check that your dns is pointing to 2 different providers. Just got bit by this. preventing problems where ISP cache X has invalid entries so service Y only works from B,C,A,D,E and no one understands why and the ticket takes two months to reach me. Public KB - KB16461 - DNS resolution fails through NC and Aug 10, 2016