Mar 04, 2009

Oct 27, 2018 GObject - Wikipedia GObject Introspection. GObject introspection is a middleware layer between C libraries (using GObject) and language bindings, cf. List of language bindings for GTK.; History. Depending only on GLib and libc, GObject is a cornerstone of GNOME and is used throughout GTK, Pango, ATK, and most higher-level GNOME libraries like GStreamer and applications. Prior to GTK+ 2.0, code similar to GObject Cocoa (API) - Wikipedia Main frameworks Cocoa consists of three Objective-C object libraries called frameworks. Frameworks are functionally similar to shared libraries, a compiled object that can be dynamically loaded into a program's address space at runtime, but frameworks add …

Objective-C의 문법은 프로그래머마다 호불호가 크게 갈리는 편인데, 메소드 매개변수마다 어떤 용도인지 이름을 붙여주고 단순 블록만이 아닌 여러 가지 기호를 이용하여 구분하는데다가, 저런 '독특한' 문법이 해당 언어의 직계 선조인 순수 C와 명료하게 구분이 되는 편이기 때문에 읽기 쉬운

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An Objective-C message call can be used anywhere a C statement can be used, such as in a conditional statement or within another Objective-C message. On compilers that support it, Objective-C messages can be mixed in C++ code, allowing the programmer to pick and choose the best aspects of either language.

Objective-C on Windows 7 using GNUstep - YouTube Dec 12, 2011 Defining Classes - Apple Inc.