Arene C(sp2)-H bond borylation reactions provide rapid and efficient routes to synthetically versatile boronic esters. While iridium catalysts are well established for this reaction, the discovery and development of methods using Earth-abundant alternatives is limited to just a few examples. Applying an in situ catalyst activation method using air-stable and easily handed reagents, the iron

A traceless directing group for C-H borylation. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl . 2013; 52(49): 12915-12919. doi: 10.1002/anie.201306511 Kuninobu Y, Ohmura T, Iwanaga T, Takai K. Palladium-catalyzed ortho selective C-H borylation of 2-phenylpyridine and its derivatives at room temperature . Intramolecular (directed) electrophilic C–H borylation The latter conversion can be viewed as a traceless ortho-C–H borylation of phenols. However, the intermediacy of highly reactive borenium type species limited functional group tolerance while regioselectivity in meta substituted derivatives also was low. A traceless directing group for C-H borylation. Dec 02, 2013

A highly efficient and general protocol for traceless, directed C3-selective C–H borylation of indoles with [Ni­(IMes)2] as the catalyst is reported. Activation and borylation of N–H bonds by [Ni­(IMes)2] is essential to install a Bpin moiety at the N-position as a traceless directing group, which enables the C3-selective borylation of C–H bonds. The N-Bpin group which is formed is

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Traceless synonyms and Traceless antonyms. Top synonym for traceless (another word for traceless) is without a trace.

In linear algebra, the trace (often abbreviated to tr) of a square matrix A is defined to be the sum of elements on the main diagonal (from the upper left to the lower right) of A.. The trace of a matrix is the sum of its (complex) eigenvalues, and it is invariant with respect to a change of basis.This characterization can be used to define the trace of a linear operator in general. Milton R. (Mitch) Smith - Chemistry